How to Publish a Job

How to Publish a Job on

Are you ready to publish your first job? If yes, this tutorial will walk you through the fast and easy publishing process for employers.

1. Create an Employer Account

Click Sign Up in the main site navigation (top right), enter your username, company email address and a secure password. It’s important to select “I’m an employer looking to hire” in the drop-down under About You:

How to Sign up Employer

2. Fill out Required Fields

Once you are logged into your Employer account, click on Post a Job in the main site navigation (top center) and fill out all required fields. Optional fields are marked as such:

Optional Job Board Fields

Most fields in the form are pre-defined (such as regions and job types); they don’t require any editing or formatting. When it comes to the job description, your options are unlimited. Copy and paste your text into the Description field (no character restrictions here) and format it using our simple WYSIWYG:

Job Description Formatting

3. Make Your Jobs Stand out by Taking Advantage of Optional Features offers a variety of optional job features that will allow your listings to stand out and attract more qualified candidates.

What can be more convincing and engaging than a short video about your company’s culture and values? You can include a mobile friendly video into your job listing. All you need is a YouTube link:

Video in Job Posts


Don’t forget to add your company’s website address, social media profiles and the logo. Candidates will connect with you and bookmark your jobs without living the job listing page.

4. Preview and Publish

You are almost done! Click Preview, select your job package and publish the job. If your listing needs editing or you would like to upgrade your job package, you can do it now or later.

How to Edit Published Jobs

Click Manage Jobs in the main site navigation (top center under Post a Job) and select the listing you want to edit:

How to Edit Jobs

How Many Jobs Can You Publish?

If you purchased Unlimited job package, you have no restrictions on the number of jobs you can publish. If you purchased Starter or Enterprise package, you can view remaining jobs by viewing My Account page:

Remaining Job Spots



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